I'm a student from New Zealand currently studying an environmental policy masters in Paris, France.

The role of nuclear power in global decarbonisation

10 November 2019 Featured

OPINION: Can nuclear technologies help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050? This policy brief seeks to answer what role nuclear power will play in the global decarbonisation process.

Trip Report: Crow Hut via Avalanche Peak

4 October 2019 Featured

A few months back, myself and two others (Karen and Joe) thought we’d take a weekend in late May to go for an overnight alpine tramp before…

My academic journey (so far)

13 August 2019 Featured

My academic journey so far has been a bit of an adventure—this profile was written for Royal Society Te Apārangi's student alumni profiles.

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What powers the Kea Database?

23 June 2019

The Kea Database uses many different services and technologies—here's some insight on how it all works.

Kea featured on 'Our Changing World'

9 May 2019

Laura Young and I were fortunate to be featured in a recent episode of RNZ’s fantastic “Our Changing World” podcast, superbly produced by…

Trip Report: Wangapeka wanders

1 May 2019

Easter 2019 brought about the second attempt at walking the Wangapeka Track, after an aborted attempt a few years ago due to heavy snow and…

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