A journey across a world in lockdown

1 June 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic meant an unexpected journey from France to New Zealand. This is a short video of the trip.

A proposal for a new bird band exchange format

11 December 2019

The New Zealand Bird Band Text Exchange Format is a proposed format for simplifying bird band information exchange.

The role of nuclear power in global decarbonisation

10 November 2019

OPINION: Can nuclear technologies help achieve net-zero emissions by 2050? This policy brief seeks to answer what role nuclear power will play in the global decarbonisation process.

Trip Report: Crow Hut via Avalanche Peak

4 October 2019

A few months back, myself and two others (Karen and Joe) thought we'd take a weekend in late May to go for an overnight alpine tramp before…

Community conservation data in New Zealand

3 February 2018

What do New Zealand community conservation groups do with data? This research seeks to understand data practices, and suggest improvements.

Citizen science for biodiversity monitoring in New Zealand

3 September 2017

Citizen science, the collaborative collection of scientific data by the general public, is an increasingly relevant field in an age of…

The Kea Database: a new citizen science project

3 August 2017

The Kea Database is the first citizen science project of its kind in NZ, allowing people to look up individual birds and record sightings.

Life with my eBike

9 May 2017

eBikes have a number of advantages over cars, bikes, buses and mopeds. This is my experience of using one for just over a year!

The height of New Zealand towns

1 December 2016

Ever wondered what the highest towns in NZ were? Here's the top 10, and the methodology used to find them.

Grow your own soy milk

30 June 2014

In 2013/2014 I tried growing my own soy plants in order to make my own soy milk. This is the process from soil to soy milk.

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