A proposal for a new bird band exchange format

11 December 2019

The New Zealand Bird Band Text Exchange Format is a proposed format for simplifying bird band information exchange.

What powers the Kea Database?

23 June 2019

The Kea Database uses many different services and technologies—here's some insight on how it all works.

Kea featured on 'Our Changing World'

9 May 2019

Laura Young and I were fortunate to be featured in a recent episode of RNZ's fantastic "Our Changing World" podcast, superbly produced by…

Bird of the Year 2017

9 October 2017

Update: The kea won with over 7.3K votes. Thanks to everyone who voted!

The Kea Database: a new citizen science project

3 August 2017

The Kea Database is the first citizen science project of its kind in NZ, allowing people to look up individual birds and record sightings.

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